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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Anger management

Before reacting to any inconsistent conditions, take a few deep breaths and count back from 100 to 1.  This will free you from anger.  You will feel mentally and physically diminished.  Also, you will have time to analyze the problem and find solutions to it.  Shouting family or friends, slamming the door will only shine more anger.  You get angry or moved away from the place.  Buy a punch bag, make a pressure bursting ball and best of them out.  Do not forget to talk to someone when you are angry.  Once you are calm, you can now express your feelings and concerns in a strong way.  At this moment you do not hurt anyone.  In some situations, it will be better to think and talk before talking to others.

  Some physical activity itself involved.  Go for a quick walk, do not run or play anything.  Your strength will be used in this way and you will end up feeling happy and relaxed.  Do not hesitate to seek help from others on this issue so as not to play a child in anger management.  See angry management classes, counseling, and workshops by professionals.  Instead of hitting the people around you, it is better to seek help from others.

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