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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Be a Better Leader

Respect their time.  It does not matter that you are on the corporate ladder, everyone's time is important and it shows that you
respect their time, talk about you.  To arrive at a meeting, set a reminder to indicate in advance that you can reach there on time.  Take a break, often.  It is important to leave some white space in your daily schedule every day to recharge.  Continuous work does not necessarily have high productivity.  When you relax, the best ideas come.  Slow down, flush your mind, and give yourself time for contemplation and reflection.  Keep your ears open.  Smart leaders believe that they have to talk and stop listening.

  Volunteer and provide your time.  Join community and charitable programs.  Become a part of a meal campaign at your local church or guardian children in a young development workshop.  Do smart work, not difficult, do not work hard  Effective leaders understand that this is not the number of hours you have calculated in that calculation;  These are the results you have received.  Learn to avoid the trap of time and focus on how much work you do, not the effort you have made.  Make the most efficient use of your time by delegating tasks so that you can focus on things that really matter.

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