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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Broadcasting Live Emails:

Broadcasting on your list is important if you have content to sell on a date.  Let's say there is a special product that has just arrived in the market and you want your list to know about it directly.  There is no point in putting it in your follow-up, as long as most of your list appears in the publicity, it may be too late.

  Unlike follow-up emails, the broadcast is one-time messages that are sent "once" to your list and it is.  If the response from a broadcast has been received very well and there is longevity in the material, then you can just add it to your follow-up sequence if you want to do this.

  Broadcast is also used when people in your list meet the follow-up sequence of emails and are not scheduled to receive any more from you.  In this case, you can divide your list into segments, where people who fulfill your follow-up sequence will only get the broadcast from you in the future.  Of course, how do you play it, it depends entirely on you and some will be specializing in becoming more experienced in email marketing.

  By now you should know more than enough to go out of there and start building all that important list.  I have not been finished yet, there are 8 mistakes on which I see that many marketers are talking about email marketing ...

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