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Tuesday, June 11, 2019


Render the coupon code for one or more of your products.  Offer heartfelt discounts like 40% - 50% of your regular asking price and send e-mail to your lists with your coupon code.  Do not forget to post about it on your blog!

  Coupon it

  Coupons are a test way to increase sales for small businesses.  E-coupons provide similar benefits to small businesses online, and are easy to implement.  All you need is a shopping cart program that allows your customers to enter a coupon code.

  This code set will be integrated with your shopping cart software to put on a discount amount.

  There are many different ways that you are able to issue e-coupon to your buyers.

  Customer Loyalty Program  After reaching the number of fixed dollars or number of buyers, you are able to reward shoppers often by putting e-coupons for them.  This is a capital promotion for buyers to continue your purchase.

  A payoff to return  If your buyers once come to buy and never come back, then offer them e-coupons towards future purchases.  When you confirm the order, you are able to send a voucher after the checkout or by e-mail.

  Bonus.  E-coupons are a better way to encourage a reluctant "shopkeeper" to buy from you, rather than buying a better deal or other places.  Immediate e-coupons can be used for free shipping or a percentage discount.

  First time buyer profit  By converting many online business browsers into buyers, they provide a special deal.  All equally, you should be able to track your buyers to ensure that no one misuses this plan.

  An increase in add-on sales.  If you have many related items, then you are able to use e-coupon to sell these items or cross-sell your existing buyers.  For example, if a buyer buys ebook from you, you can include e-coupon for the purchase of a training video or audio
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  Subscriber Bonus  If you send e-newsletters to keep in touch with your buyers, you are able to use e-coupons as a payment to sign up for your mailing list.  Newsletters are a proven way to increase your sales and allow you to create a special "customer-only" e-coupon to build your subscriber database and build your customer database.

  These are some of the ways that you can use e-coupons to increase your sales.  Be original with your e-coupon options.

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