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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Cross Promoting to Your List:

Beauty about email marketing has the potential to promote many different products.  It is very difficult to do any other type of marketing and as a blessing for you and I want to sell a lot of products to your customers over time.

  If you have ever purchased a product at, you would know that they recommend many other products related to the products you are purchasing before checkout.  I am not suggesting that you try to sell a couple of related products in your list at the same time, but it exposes the power of cross promotion.  The more you cross-promote to sell in your list - the better.

  Let's look at an example "outdoor barbequeing".  We entered Super Broad Keyword "barbeque" in the Google Keyword Tool.  These are the following results that came out of search.


  Those who are interested in Barbecue are also interested in many other subjects.  Since you have the ability to promote more than one item in an email list, it is a good idea to create a list of ideas for those things you can promote (without far away from the subject).

  In this case, a comprehensive search helped us come up with some great ideas.  Those who are interested in barbecue (cooking on barbecue) will also be interested in:
  Barbecue sauce
  Barbeque smokers
  Barbeque recipes
  Barbeque Accessories
  You can also apply some rational thinking on this question.

  "If anyone was interested in barbecuing, then he would be interested in ________.

  From the top of our head we can easily come up with some things:
  Outdoor, Good weather activities
  Actual barbecue
  "Man" accessories, gadgets, equipment, etc.
  cooking classes
  BBQ Equipment
  BBQ conversion kit
  patio furniture
  Indoor grilling
  There are 11 different cross-promotion without giving much consideration to this industry.  With a bit of research you can have 20 different items that you can promote in an email list in this small "niche".  Then you set these promotions within your automated "follow-up" sequences, and you have a system where you are selling many items to the same person.
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Finding Products to Promote:
  You need to remember, people are consumers and they regularly buy stuff.  If you can distribute them to ideas that are in harmony with them or whatever things they need, you are going to earn a lot of money.

  Record your cross-promotional research!

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