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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Email Marketing (An Introduction)

The most stable and long-term revenue generating strategy that exists on the Internet today is email marketing.

  What is email marketing?

  Collecting email addresses from people who go to your online location in return for something which is known as email marketing.  The purpose of this strategy is to give a visitor to your website a free gift in return for their personal details.  You can actually offer anything, but giving them some value is best.  A video course, e-book and / or a weekly newsletter can be enough to "squeeze" the email address out of a visitor to your site.Hit The Warriors

  The important thing about marketing your business in this way is that you are given "permission" to contact these people to offer your products.  Resist the stand that what people are used every day, which is "interruption" marketing, where you are forced to sit through ads without much consent from yourself.

  Everywhere we see these days we are getting obstructed from advertising and people are getting bored all over.  The beauty about permission marketing is that you are giving your prospect a choice as if they want to listen to you or not.  If they like what you have to offer, then these people are very easy to market.

  Why email marketing?

  Unlike the traditional forms of advertising, email marketing gives you the opportunity to come back to the market for a possibility - possibly in some cases for the rest of their life.  All you had to do was give them a valuable free gift instead of their contact information.  Instead of paying for repeated ads, you only have to get that initial subscription and you will be allowed to market it for free.

  How email marketing works:

  Email marketing is really quite simple when we break it.  Looks like something ...
  You get permission from someone to join your mailing list in exchange for valuable gifts (eBooks, training courses, newsletters, etc.).

  They give you your personal information by entering your email address, name and / or phone number in the form on your website.

  Then you send them information about their interests and ultimately promote your business opportunities.
  Unless you provide valuable information that helps your prospects, you will be allowed to contact them as long as your relationship is strong and built on trust.  You have a lot of promotional opportunities that you can not get through traditional advertising.

  Original flow of email marketing:
  Visitor land on your website = >> They allow you to contact them in return for some of the price = >> They are included in your mailing list = >> You send them information and promotions = >> You  Earn money.

  3 factors that contribute to effective email marketing:
  Make a payment - Market Forever:

  Contrary to many other forms of advertising and marketing, this approach is very good that you will only have to pay once for a lead, so that they get the opportunity to market for free again and again.  Whatever cost (time or money) was taken to bring them to your list, you will be paid back ten times during your relationship with these people.

  Works in any niche:

  We can promote and earn money anywhere, but the quality of email marketing is that you can constantly promote relevant products as you have a constant communication with your prospects.  If you have a possibility in your list that is interested in weight loss, you can promote physical products such as gym equipment, "George Foreman" grill, and any other product related to weight loss and general health.

  It can be completely automated:

  Once you have the lead in your system, you can install a funnel that sells your products on autopilot.  Like autoresponders, today we have the technology at our fingertips, we can automatically install an email campaign to go to our list.  All you have to do is set it up, and forget it.  Now you can send a broadcast message to your list, which you think they should know.

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