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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Finding Products to Promote:

Spending time for the relevant products and services to promote your email list spends time well.  Without promoting quality products, you make a lot of money.  I see many times, marketers promote anything and everything related to their list, without informing whether the product is of the highest quality or not.

  Do not make this stupid mistake.  If you are sending a proposal to your list - make sure you know that it will be of great benefit to them.  Remember earlier when we talked about providing excellent value for building a solid relationship?  do not forget to.

  Fortunately for us, there are thousands of affiliate marketing programs, which have hundreds of thousands of products which we can promote our customers.  You just find a program, sign up, look for a product, get your affiliate link, and promote that link in your list.  this is easy ...

  Some of the top pay-per-sale affiliate networks are:
  Commission junction
  Google affiliate network
  Black Pepper Jam Network (Europe)
  Hydra Network
  I advise you to sign up to at least 3 of the above network and search for relevant products through their huge database which you can promote for commission.

  Although you are not limited to the above programs.  You can just go to Google Search and find related affiliate networks as many as you like.  Today, most products on the market, from physical to digital, are an affiliate program in which you can join.

  If you want to promote an acne product in your list for example.  Just go to Google and type "acne affiliate program" in the search bar and you will be interviewed with many different products to promote.  Do your research, choose the best and promote your list.
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