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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Get feedback

Getting the response in knowing yourself is most important.  That's because when you get a response, you see yourself with different eyes.  You start focusing on what you have never thought that you are in.
  But it is also important that when receiving the response, you should include only those people who are really close to you.  The person who knows you and understands you

  You can always take the help of a professional.  When you want to get feedback about a specific area, you can get help from the profession.  For example, say that you want to become a better pubic speaker, so you should get a feed back from the person who is already good at it.  And give coaching.
  These are some things you can do to know more about yourself.  Learning about yourself is a walking process and as you grow and grow, you keep learning.  That's why open minded.

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