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Saturday, June 22, 2019

Healthy Food Habits

See what you are eating.  Eat green leafy vegetables.  Be sure to include green leafy vegetables in your diet.  They are a rich source of protein, iron, calcium and fiber.  Preparing green leafy vegetables is easy and quite delicious too.  Apart from this, a short course in Ayurvedic cooking will help you expand your menu.  Know when to drink water  We should avoid drinking water during the meal because it slow down the digestive process.  It is advisable to drink water 30 minutes before or after eating.  Include enough protein in your diet.  Proteins for the body are important and should definitely be included in the diet.  Broccoli, soybean, lentils, asparagus and spinach are some of the most commonly protein-rich foods.  Chew your food  Did you see that the cow chews their food?

 A cow chews its food at least 40-60 times.

  One of the easiest and obvious ways to digest food is to chew it.  Stay away from fasting

fand soft drinks.  Take it at home.  Cooking at home is a great investment because it lets you spend more quality time with your family.  Pay attention to your food.  If you focus only on your diet, you should eat 'just as much as your body needs.  So, the next time you sit down for your meal then keep the remote control and mobile phone for a while.  Never leave your breakfast.  Make your food better.  Good eating habits help shape your personality.  And this is the reason why ancient sages always preferred to eat sattvic food.  Find out what a miracle can do for you.  Remember, what you eat is what you become.  So choose wisely and eat better.

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