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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

How to Improve Your Body Language-2

Smile and cheer - lighten, do not take yourself very seriously.  Take a break, smile and laugh when someone says something funny.  If you are a positive person then people will be more interested in hearing about you.  But do not be the first person to laugh at your own jokes, it makes you feel nervous and needy.  Smile if you meet someone, but do not smile on your face, you will feel loose.

  Do not touch your face - it can disturb you and distract the audience or for those present in the conversation.

  Put your head up - do not keep your eyes on the ground, this can make you feel insecure and a little lost.  Keep your head straight and your eyes towards the horizon.

  Slow down a little - it goes for a number of things.  Slow walking does not only make you feel more calm and confident, this will lessen your stress.

  Do not fidget and try to avoid, move or change the phizet movement, and move the nerve tikes like your feet or tap your fingers against the table faster.

  Use your hands more confidently.

  Reduce your drink.  Do not place your drink in front of your chest.  In fact, do not keep anything in front of your heart as it will seem to be protected and distant.  Lower it and place it next to your leg.

  Realize where you end - many people (with me till recently) can sit or stand with a back in a good posture.  You keep the entire spine straight and align for better currency.

  Do not stand very close.  What we have learned from Seinfeld is that everyone talking to a close person becomes weird.  Let people be their personal space, do not invade them.

  Mirrors - Often when you meet a person, when both of you get a good relationship, you will start mirroring each other unknowingly.

  Have a good attitude
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