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Saturday, June 22, 2019

How To Live Stress Free

The level of stress in your life will be anything, no matter how much you earn or where you live.  But the tension is that we can manage it.  We can choose our response in stressful situations.  We can do it in two ways.  We can make further plans that if we compare our experience and find ourselves in a tense situation before time, what will we do?  To deal with stressful situations, think about things you could do differently and imagine that if you find yourself in the same situation then again the situation

  Or you can plan a general situation whenever you find yourself in a stressful situation, what are you going to take?
  In my case I do the following things
  First I take a long breath which enhances the flow of oxygen in my brain and makes me clear.
  After that I think of some similar situation which has happened before and what is my action plan.
  The things I focus on most, keep them calm because there is a better way of handling anything.  And I keep my mind open and receptive to new ideas.
  You can get rid of a lot of stress while making good habits.  Think about things that have created tension in the past and plan ahead for them.

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