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Saturday, June 22, 2019

Managing Conflicts

Conflict is a situation where there is conflict, disagreement and / or opposition between two or more people.  This can be due to lack of communication, differences on some issues and / or contradictions in ideas, beliefs and ideas.  Use words like 'I understand', 'I agree with you to a certain extent', saying what you are saying is fine, but ... 'and then keep your point.  This will make things better and to avoid any scope for conflicts, there will be a healthy discussion.  Do not try to solve the conflict on non-personal communication tools such as e-mails, answering machine messages and notes.  Many times, this can worsen the situation.  Communicate in person or at least on the phone.

  Give him a chance to speak and politely ask him why he thinks so or what is the alternative strategy.  If you accept his opinion then accept it politely.  Controlling your anger and frustration is the biggest challenge while managing conflicts.  Occasionally, it is better to be quiet and spend some time so that you can see things more fairly.  There is no room for problems of any kind of attitude.  Be polite, intelligent and a great communicator and the rest will fall!

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