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Saturday, June 29, 2019

Self management

Self: According to psychologists, generally used in the sense of personality or arrogance, which is considered as an agent, is aware of its continuous identity.
  - If we want to develop our personality, then we have to learn to manage ourselves.
  - With self-management, a person can focus on his goals and achieve all the well-known successes.
  Today, all the elite and successful people in the world understand the importance of self management.  Where people manage their lives without managing their own management, everything will happen.  One that is, pain and trouble increase.

  - Self management means- manage our own store and create a system according to our needs.  That is to attach the feelings, imagination, thinking and desires of the outer world.  Besides, it means to organize work area and society with coordination and skill.
  Focal points of self management are your own awareness.
  For thousands of years, basic formulas of spirituality have been as follows:
  "Know your own knowledge, be aware of yourself."
  - This means self-management is not based on any other person or thing but rather on our own.

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