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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Sell Domain Names

To take stock of your list and to pin the domain names you can remove.  If you have not done anything with a domain name of 6 months or more, then it needs to go.


  Domain names usually sell for a ten-dollar dollar limit, unless you have a high demand after the domain name.  It is not much, but at least you can withdraw your money from it and put cash to use.

  A domain name is a meaningful word or phrase that the net surfers use to identify a site.  This creates an internet site real ID, which has its IP address.  Many people buy domain names, often in bulk, to sell them for an income.  They see the domain name in cyber names as pieces of real estate that can get value.  For example, was purchased for thirty five dollars but was recently sold for $ 2.75 million.

  Be cautious for fresh buzzwords.  Find words or phrases that are echoing in the media, such as "global warming."  Find phrases that are meaningful to the average person and describe a particular niche, such as "grooming dogs."

  Find a site that sells domain names.  The site should have at least 2 important features: This key word allows searches and it should return as a domain name that is usable or auctioned.  One such site is  Looking for "global warming" about this:
  Prove any one of the results of the previous step that you think can sell for profit.  Pay a regular price, and no one has auctioned the price fixed by you, which you are currently doing.

  Park the domain name (s) you purchased  That is, advertise availability of the domain name purchased on those sites whose theme is the same.  When you sell domain names, you pay a little percentage of the site for ad privilege.

  Subscribe to get notifications for expired domain names.  Many times, the owner forgets to renew the DNS before the expiration date and it goes upstairs to the graves.  If you buy it, then there is a chance that you can resell it for a higher price.  Many sites like provide expired domain notice features.Webinar

  Use domain redirects and affiliate programs to drive more visitors to your website.  An affiliate can earn commission by advertising other sites (usually by banner) on their website.

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