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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

The 4 Stages of Email Marketing:

Stranger Stage: This is the first stage of the relationship.  You will need to get more information about the person if you want to know what their interests are. What are their goals, and so on.  At the beginning of any relationship, that initial belief takes some time to form.

  To get the chance to do this, you ask for some information (email address) in exchange for price ... preferably something they are already searching for.  If you provide them some value, then you can move on to the next stage of the relationship.

  Familiar Stage:

  This is the phase that we transform into a complete stranger.  We should continue to provide value to our personality and communicate through email newsletters / messages.  This can be a difficult part for many people, and even then it is the most important step to get right.
  People do not want to have any connection with such a person, they are not related.

  They do not want to communicate with another hard selling marketman in the same way.  (There are many of the people already present.) Give them a reason to like you, want to hear more than you, and most importantly, they want to buy from you.  Be honest, open, honest, helpful, and let your true personality shine with every conversation.  If you get this right then the change in the next step becomes easy.

  Friend (customer) steps:

  At this level, you should coordinate with our prospects.  You have given valuable free advice and / or training to them.  You have shared information about yourself, your family and your pets.  They think they know the person behind the computer screen.

  So, how do we reach this next level?  Well, it is important to keep in mind that not everyone wants to be your friend.  Not everybody is going to join you.  Some take longer, some never come.  However you should not worry about it.  This is not a game of numbers, it is a game of conversions.

  Now you can offer products in your list.  If you have provided enough value to their lives and they like you, then this transition is easier than you think.  You see, people like to buy stuff ... this is true.  If they rely on you then they will buy from other marketers ahead of you.  It's actually a simple one.  This is why phase 2 is very important.  Without building that trust, you will not miss the opportunity to sell your offer.

  Now, what would you offer if you want to sell an item to one of your offline friends?  I mean, will you offer support?  Will you take the time to help them with the information / product provided?  Would you suggest them to take the maximum advantage of the product?  These are the things people want to know before buying with you.

  If you are in the "Friend" stage of this email marketing ladder, then you should provide as much support as possible to sweeten the deal.  Be a friend, be a person who really cares, be yourself and treat your pros as you would be a close friend offline.

  Best Buddy (Lifetime customer)

  This is the last step and all the marketers want to achieve.  Very few actually come to this level, not least on the scale.  The best friend in your list is the one who opens all your emails, clicks on all the links, downloads all the reports, watches all the videos and buys whatever you recommend them.  You have made such a strong bond that they know that you will only recommend valuable things for them.

  To achieve your chances at this level, you need to provide them consistent value.  You probably need to help them in any way.  You should only recommend them high quality information / products.  You must complete all the work you do ... period  Repeat buyers are the sacred tomb of any business and you have to bow backwards to come to this stage.The Importance of Email Marketing

  Sending a proposal after the proposal does not create a buyer throughout the life.  This does not happen by sending unscrupulous e-books.  It is not by hiking content that is not just for that great, and it does not happen to be dishonest in your marketing.

  So, you have 4 steps to email marketing.  It is very important to keep in mind while setting up your campaigns.  Remember, there are people who will buy you products for $ 5k, $ 10k, even $ 20k, but the rest assured, they will not spend this amount with someone who they know  And do not believe as they are.

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