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Sunday, June 16, 2019

The Basic Science of Marketing

Have you ever wondered why small businesses fail at such high rates?  It can not be because owners do not understand their own business.  Perhaps they are more than a great electrician, plummer, plaster, chef, therapist or even an internet marketer, but they are not a great businessman.

  So, what is the secret to running a successful business?  Quite simply, it has found a "need" and it is creating a service or product to meet "needs".  Not all big companies of today are doing anything more than this, they have identified a gap in the market and have met it.  Now you know the secret, go outside and earn money.

  OK, this marketing thing probably seems to be much more.  We will still get their products in front of them who need them.  We must also do it in such a way that they will actually buy from us and not from our competitors.  Let's look at how we can accomplish this task more intensely ...

  Capital Sale:

  Most people hate the idea of ​​selling me.  They want their possibilities to knocking over their door to buy their products.  It is certainly achievable, but only the ground has been working and you have created a brand that knows, likes and believes in people.  Until then, you would have to get people to sell this fear on.

  Think like this, we are selling to all of us.  The interview you made, the date you were at, and every time you gave your opinion to another person ... you are selling yourself.

  So how do we sell effectively?  Well, there is a right and wrong way to do this ...

  Forced Sales (Hardsell)

  Selling is very painful to watch this approach clock.  You watched it online every day since the dawn of the internet.  Sales pages that are trying to shake their products literally behind your necks before you even begin to read the copy.

  After the offer, as an offer of bombarded you have not been instructed in a very bright marker's one-day sales funnel (I rarely use the word "marker" here).  Popup messages that appear as you are trying to get away from their cheap spammy sales page.  It's dangerous marketing, and it's simply not the desired effect that these people are looking for.
Fine sales (Softsell)

  Now this sales process is very effective, but I can not see how many people are being applied online this day.  The goal here is not difficult to sell your possibilities, but they can make informed decisions about providing enough valuable information so that they want your product or service.  If you have targeted traffic to your business, then it should not be a difficult task.

  Because the fine method of selling fantasy works well, because this is what people want.  Why would you try to give them what you want to give them?  People do not want to sell.  I hate it, you hate it, my bloody granny hates it, and your potential customer hates it too much.  And you know what?  Your visitors are real people ... who knew?  It is your job as a possible purchase experience for your expectations.  It just makes sense.

  How do we implement a complete application for sale?

  Relationship Building:

  Perhaps the most important part of your marketing strategy will be to build relationships with your chances.  Unfortunately, most people add online marketing to long sales sales letters that focus on hard selling.

  This is not effective and should be avoided at all costs.  Remember, people do not want to sell.  You simply give them the appropriate quality information so they can come to their own conclusions whether they want your product.

  Going directly to "Murder" will damage your chances of selling, making sure that you will never see that person on your website.  Every day we go online, advertising advertising, solid selling, false promises, and elite solutions are bomb attacks.

  I do not know about you, but I automatically get all the BS  See Promise and Hard Selling Ads online.  I can bathe them a mile away, and guess, all of your chances are to see through the garbage.

  Initial error:

  If you want to attract your visitor to buy your product or service, you should do the last thing, "How do I make a million dollars in 6 months" or "lose 5 stones in 5 days" with my secret strategy.  "

  These ads are actually the opposite reverse which you want.  Certainly enough people will fall for this marketing complaints, but I guarantee that there are not many people who do not.  Not only that, but those who bought your products find out that they can not lose 5 stones or earn millions of dollars, do you think they can buy from you again?

  You should not focus on the possibility of single sales in the first place of your chances.  You want to constantly sell them, pay them, want to build long-term relationships with them and eventually want to make their fans inside.  You want to tell them about your friends.  You want them to be part of your promotion.
I look forward to hanging over how many online webmasters are getting many unique visitors each month.  It's important to get fresh leads in your business every day, but make your target visitors repeat viewers ... now you have a durable business place.

 "When someone visits your website, do not try to sell them, give them valuable information, and the relationship will develop over time, every time they visit your site, you are more likely to sell, or sell more.

 Ask, do not say:

 What we have got is to say that the effective marketing strategy is what people want to say so far and then try to sell it.  What we should do is supply our valuable valuable information through our site's content, weekly newsletter series, a free video course and / or a valuable eBook that will close their growing socks.

 We want to know what we will do if we do not follow them and build relationships.  The initial belief that freeing up some price at the beginning of the building will open doors for what they want

 With this method, you will not only learn more about your customers, you can learn about your own business and what guidance it needs.

 3 types of chances:

 There will be 3 types of possibilities.  Many do not understand, but it is very important to know

 Senior people have already decided that they are never going to buy from you.  They will not be responsive to your finer tricks so do not waste your step and waste your time.  Some people will say that these people can buy at some level, but if you are thinking about the power of marketing these people, then you will eventually get back the interest that the value of the effort is.

 The suspects may not be sure that they will require more information, information and testimonials on your products, you or they believe in yourself.  Suspected people who do not buy from you until they are sure they get cash for them.

They can not afford that hard vendors to buy their products, and they can contact you through newsletters for the most recent of your website, or at least responsive to your recommendations.  The key reasons why skeptics are important to follow in order to get all the important sales.  If they eventually buy and distribute your product, then they are no suspects in your products.

  Buyers are people who are actively searching for what you are looking for and already have their credit card.  This does not mean they're going to buy from you yet.  Again, you do not want these people to sell hard.  The right direction should be a simple nudge trick.  Besides, a buyer is a buyer.  They must meet later.  We have to build relationships just as we are talking about, because at the end of the day we want to sell the repetition.  Without repeat sales, we have no business.

  Your brand:

  All right, you've worked hard, spent a lot of cash and created fantastic websites like Fansier than Taj Mahal, but you still can not sell anymore.  It can be back to your branding, or its lack of it.

  Remember I told you not to buy from the website?  Do they buy, believe and believe from them?  Well, my friend is absolutely right.  People need to know that when they transfer their hard-working cash, there is a stripped jumper in the backpack and some bad guys in the mask of money pockets.

  All big companies are widely branded.  What is the difference between the rest of this competition?  Although my kids always want to go to McDonald's, there are thousands of fast food joints that have tasty food.

  Care for my kids, no  They place that place, they want to go to a place, a place that sticks in their mind.  You see, a branded company will sell more of the worst product than its sold competition will sell.  What you want is a brand that provides high quality ... now it's a winning combination.

  You do not have to go outside and spend a fortune in branding.  You are your brand  Build trust by the person that you sell, sell you, provide more value than the rest.  Use your name on your website, upload your own photo and write a "My Story" page that helps your audience find you at the personal level.

  If you do not want to brand yourself, create a unique hook that attracts people's attention and thinks about them.  You get my points.  OK, so branding is very important for your long-term success, but you ...

  USP (Unique Selling Point):

  When talking about your business branding, you must know what your USPT is.  It is in every successful business and it makes them different from others.  Why do not you expect to buy from you and your competition?

  Why should they stay in your website and not just surf the others with just a few clicks of the mouse button?  If you are effectively using your branding, then this should be obvious to you.

  Your USD could simply provide you a ridiculously unbelievable value for low prices.  Your unique sales point may be that you provide a service that solves people's problems differently than rest.

  Here the bottom line is different from your competition to find it and work in your marketing strategy.  I am currently working very closely and a website on Google's first few pages is not offering free gifts to their visitors ... guess what my USP is?

List Building Mistakes to Avoid:

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