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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

The Importance of Email Marketing

Customers are the life-card of any business, online or offline, right?  Sales Representatives are appointed by businesses in real-world to call potential customers on an ongoing basis, unless they get a customer.

  The process on the Internet should be the same, but unfortunately you have all your websites, and what I do not often see, is there a possibility for websites to establish their products in the market at one time.  There is no continuity, no relation, and as a result, essentially .. fewer customers and less sales.

  This is the reason that "List Building" has been constantly asked for new marketers on the forums on the web, but so far many people are not listening, I hope you are listening?  You see, your email list is a way to bridge this gap between unique visitors and relevant visitors.

  I do not know about you, but hardly will I buy from a website completely without knowing who is behind the screen.  I have these visions of a person in a mask and striped jumper, which are ready to take my hard earned money and head for the hills.

  Any sales professional will tell you that the customer will need between 5-10 contact sessions before you buy.  Without the list, you do not have any chance to start after the first meeting.  Yes, the list building is not just another marketing tool to get more sales, it is absolutely necessary in the online world and there could be a difference between making 10 sales in one month for 100 sales in a month.  Of course, the quality of your list ultimately determines how much you sell.

  How to make your list:

  There are so many marketers, who are making an online live by promoting their email list, but they still have no clue how to do it effectively.  One thing that you should always keep in mind in your list building campaign is that your list ... is personal.  You should only make a list through the opt-in system.  People should allow you to contact them, and you should try any of the following ...
  Email address from the website without consent
  Buy catalog CDs or databases
  Send promotion to anyone who does not agree to see your offer
  There are many good reasons to follow these suggestions.  First, it is illegal and spam laws in many countries.  If someone reports for you spamming, you can take your website from you, or at least snatch your ranking.  Second, the people you send the offers do not have a clue about who you are and will not be interested in what you offer.  Email lists should only be made with mutual consent, and that means you have to opt-in to allow them to contact.

 What you  may not know about inventory and email marketing:

  Most marketers earn 90% of their income from their email lists, and these lists have been created over time.  I guarantee that most will not tell you this figure, but this is true.  Very few sales are done by single trips to a website.  As I mentioned before, it takes time to set up and build an email campaign that gives you the opportunity to build relationships, trust and turn prospects into customers.

   value of your list:

  Whether you are promoting your own product or any related product created by another, your list will be open to you for any advice, information and suggestions.  If you have a strong relationship with your customers, you can send them literally anywhere.

  Even if they do not buy from the email you sent, they will keep at least one eye.  Therefore, even when a person is included in your list for a specific product, you still have the option to tell them about any offer you are affiliated with.  You can earn thousands, thousands of dollars by sending promotional emails in only one responsive list.

  The value of your list is in a direct proportion to how well they know, like you and trust you, so do not misuse those beliefs by sending them promotions for waste products.  I see it many times and it just does not work.  Always make sure to provide value to your customers and they will pay you long term.

  You see thousands of dollars by sending an email to the marketers only.  This happens only because they have made a list that relies on their decision.  It is very important.  This may seem obvious, but it is not clear at all because most marketers will ignore this advice and can get their hands in the hope of continuous sales to promote any proposal.
How to make trust with your list:

  This is the biggest obstacle when creating an email list.  They do not know how to give these people the market.  Even well-established marketers find this process difficult.  Here are some thoughts you are going to ...
  Send personal information and anecdotes to help build synergy

  Direct customer of new blog posts on your website, and other blog posts they will find valuable across the web

Email Marketing (An Introduction)
  Introduce them to the free tools that can help save time with their daily activities.

  Breaking news in the industry

  Businesses and products you include

  Any new product that you are interested in yourself
  As long as your goal is to provide value to something else, you will do very little wrong.  And remember, you will learn all this just as you go further in your business, so do not look at it as a challenging task, it is a journey that should be enjoyed and not complicated.

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