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Friday, June 21, 2019

Why you need Good Manners

Good manners make every day pleasant - when you deal with everyone in every situation, it helps you reduce unnecessary friction with others.
  It also helps in putting an impression - a person who practices a good person makes a good impression on others for himself.  When people are affected by your behavior, you should get more respect from others.
  Good manners attract people - a person who practices a good person is attractive.  If you are well behaved and polite, you can attract your friends and relationships.  It makes people comfortable.  It makes others feel good with you - you can create a more peaceful world where there is more care, respect, appreciation and compassion for others.

  Good manners make Self Esteem - children and adults who are well-governed, respect others, who help them to develop self-esteem.  People with self-esteem are more likely to get what they want.  It can save your life-those who always use good manners are less likely to get into dangerous situations of life because they do not disrespect the wrong people.  It makes you feel good and unique - now one day good manners are rare.  Those who allow their good manners to be seen are seen by all and find praise and gain a higher rank.  The use of good manners does not cost anything.

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