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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Your Niche:

Choosing a niche for email marketing is not as it would be online for any other marketing strategy.  With crossing the opportunity to promote different services and products in your list, you end the "one chance" sale which is otherwise normal when using any other marketing strategy.  So, choosing the wrong place is not harmful to your success opportunity as much as you can imagine.  However, I am going to show you how you can get niches for the success of your email marketing campaign.  This should be your campaign overview ...

  Choose the Right> Research Resolve> Head of Research> Products> Search Opportunities-Promotion> Creation Campaign

  Choosing a niche:

  Many people believe that niche, big audience - and therefore, the more money you earn.  These people are fully focused on traffic.  They mistakenly believe that if there is a lot of traffic to a particular place, they will essentially earn more money.  The problem here is that with a substantial marketing experience, you will feel that the one with the highest traffic is rarely a niche.  More often than not, they are industry.  For example, "losing weight" is not a place, it's a market - an industry, here's a big difference.

  Marketers who build an industry in the list of weight loss, they have the option of promoting different types of products in their list, but viewers are huge in comparison to many marks within the weight loss market.

  In the 60's, a woman is not looking for a promotion like a 20-year-old woman in terms of her body style, fitness level and diet.  There is no way to target both demographics within a single email campaign.  This is the reason why I recommend that you limit your audience to nuances.

  For example, targeting young men who want to get six pack abs is very specific and your campaigns can be targeted with a very high response rate.  Each promotional email you send to this demographic will be targeted 100%, thus, you will not separate a portion of your list with every email promotion.  It just makes sense, is not it?

  So, with that in mind.  Which would be better, a comprehensive industry targeted?  Both can work well with enough experience over time, but I will argue that focusing your attention on a specific audience, will be more fully responsible for your list.

  Here are some examples of industry vs. Nikes ...

  Industry - Weight Loss
  Niche - Six Pack Abs

  Industry - Relations
  Niche - More than 50 dating

  Either approach will yield results and earn money, but you can certainly see which goal is easy to target.  Yes?

  Let's say that you decide to enter the relationship industry.  Will you really boost your list of customers?  Dating advice?  How to attract a partner?  What to do on the first date?  It is clear that with each email promotion you send, you will represent a large portion of your list to be unprotected by that promotion.

  You really do not know what many of these people are looking for you.  But, if you enter the "More than 50 dating" niche instead.  OK, now you know what type of promotion your list is watching and you can get a laser-targeted response from your campaign.

  The more relevant you can be, the higher the conversions you can expect.  When there is a doubt, then always aim for super targets ahead of the broader industries.

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